LPG Driver makes available two private sightseeing tours of Bucharest: a 3-hour and a 5-hour tour. Both of them allow you to visit a few iconic tourist attractions in the city, such as the Palace of Parliament, the National Village Museum and the National History Museum of Romania.

We always take into account our customers’ preferences, and this is why the tour is a custom-tailored one and may include any tourist attraction you may wish to visit.

Here is a list with the tourist attractions we encourage you to visit:

The Palace of Parliament - it is probably, the most popular building in Romania among foreigners. According to the promotional site of Bucharest, seebucharest.ro, The Palace of Parliament is three times mentioned in Guinness Book: the world’s second biggest administrative building for civilian use after the Pentagon, the world’s most expensive and heaviest building.

Visitors are required to submit an ID card which is kept at the reception desk during the entire visit.

Address: Izvor Street, no. 2-4, Bucharest

Opening hours:

March – October, daily from 09:00 AM to 5:00 PM (the last tour at 4:30 PM)

November – February, daily from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (the last tour at 3:30 PM)

The National Village Museum of Bucharest - Visiting this ethnographic museum is a true voyage in all rural areas of Romania. Walking along the alleys of this open-air museum is like a trip to the Romanian traditional village with old, authentic houses.

It covers several hectares and gathers more than 70 houses, 99 annexes and churches.

Address: Kiseleff Road, no. 28-30, Bucharest

Opening hours:

From Monday to Sunday, from 09:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The National History Museum is a historic building, a monument which holds a rich heritage listing over 690.000 items. Among permanent exhibits the museum displays the replica of Trajan’s Column – a full scale copy of the famous ancient monument Trajan’s Column of Rome, an exhibit of a great historical and artistic value.

The museum is housed in the building formerly known as the Postal Service Palace, located in the area of the old historical centre of Bucharest.

Address: Calea Victoriei, no. 12, Sector 3, Bucharest

Opening hours:

Monday and Tuesday, closed

From Wednesday to Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Other tourist attractions we suggest you are: the Triumphal Arch, Victory Square (Calea Victoriei), the historical centre, Plumbuita Monastery, Mogoşoaia Palace, Art Museum, Șuţu Palace, Caşin Church, the National Theatre.

Hanul lui Manuc (Manuc’s Inn): a famous restaurant in Bucharest and the oldest inn in Europe, welcomes its guests with traditional dishes, medieval food cooked in the houses of wealthy noblemen. The site of the inn, hanumanucrestaurant.ro advises that fascinating stories of the Little Paris have always arisen from the centre of the city, but Lipscani street area seems to be the place having given birth to most of them. From adventures with medieval outlaws, treasures, wealthy noblemen and ladies, to romances and even historical treaties, the inn witnessed them all, and even housed some of them.

Another option for a good meal is Caru’cu Bere (Beer Chariot). With a history of over 130 years Caru 'with beer has been and is a symbol of the historical center of Bucharest. "Being for so many and so many years in the heart of the city, during which I borrowed enough of the mixed soul and the morals of the Capital, I became a kind of its emblem," say those from Caru 'con Bere. It is the restaurant in Bucharest where at least once you have to tell the waiter "Boy, another beer line!", In Romanian or in any other language of the earth, because many foreigners choose this restaurant with traditional Romanian dishes.

The advantages of a private tour

  • The perfect way for tourists to get acquainted with Bucharest
  • You may choose the hours and route of the trip
  • Customers are taken from the address provided, and the car is driven by an English speaker professional chauffeur.

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