Terms and conditions

These conditions are mandatory and must be fulfilled in order to rent a car from LPG Driver – Rental Cars with Driver.

Prices contains VAT. All prices can be found here.

When renting a vehicle, a contract will be signed regarding the rental / assignment by the Lessor of the temporary use of the movable property - the vehicle.

The duration of the lease is provided in the contract.

Given that the contract is concluded on days, according to the parties "one day" means 24 hours calculated from the time of taking over the vehicle and until the next day at the same time.

The duration of the lease can be extended at the express request of the Lessee.

The rates do not include bridge, parking, highway, accommodation and daily allowance for the driver in case of travel outside Bucharest.

Payment methods

The contract price, representing the equivalent value of the transfer of the use of the movable property, is calculated according to the duration established by the contracting parties according to the tariffs applied by the Lessor for the vehicle rented by the lessee.

In relation to the contractual duration, the rental rate is provided in the price list. The tariff is kept in case the lesee requests the extension of the contractual duration.

Total price of the contract is according to the number of hours x tariff / hour at the BRD course of the day of signing the contract.

The contract price is paid based on the tax invoice issued by the Lessor subsequent to the signing of the rental contract.

The price of the contract must be paid in full by the time of delivery of the rented vehicle to the lesse, otherwise the contract is terminated automatically for non-payment of the price, without any formality (without notice, without delay, without court intervention), the lessor can claim damages in an amount equal to half the price of the lease. Non-payment also means the situation in which, in the case of payment by bank, the amount related to the contract price is not highlighted in the balance of the lessor's bank account.

In case of cancellation, the advance payment already made will be refunded provided you pay a cancellation fee of 100 euros.

The price of the contract includes RCA motor third party liability insurance, optional CASCO insurance, toll, vehicle maintenance (including car wash). The contract price does NOT include the cost of fuel.

The payment methods agreed by the lessor are cash, by bank transfer or at the company's headquarters with credit, debit card (Visa or MasterCard). Pre-pay cards, Diners Club and American Express are not accepted.

Use of the vehicle

The rented vehicle will be used by the Lessee only for the intended purpose of transporting persons, on public roads, in accordance with the conditions of use stipulated in the signed contract.

The lessee undertakes to comply with and undertakes to ensure compliance with the minimum conditions of use of the vehicle:

  1. to fully comply with the legislation on traffic on public roads;
  2. to use the rented vehicle exclusively for the transport of people;
  3. not to transport (at the same time) a larger number of people than the one indicated in the vehicle documents (registration certificate);
  4. not to overload and not to allow the vehicle to be overloaded by exceeding the maximum authorized mass;
  5. not to tow or push any other vehicle, caravan, trailer or other object;
  6. use the vehicle in accordance with the instructions received from the Lessor;
  7. not to use the vehicle for commercial purposes;
  8. not to transport pets.

The use of the vehicle is allowed on the territory of the country (Romania).

Failure to comply with the conditions of use entitles the Lessor to terminate the contract (without any other formality), to request the return of the vehicle immediately, without being obliged to return any part of the contract price.


When handing over the vehicle to the Lessor, the vehicle will have a full tank.

When the Lessor takes over the vehicle, at the end of the contract, the Lessee has the obligation to hand it over with the full tank. In the event that the Lessee does not fulfill this obligation, the Lessor has the right to withhold the value of the missing fuel from the Lessee's warranty. The amount to be withheld is 1.5 euros / liter of missing fuel. For differences of up to 5l, the Lessor has the right not to withhold the value of this fuel difference.

Handing over-receiving the vehicle

The vehicle is delivered to the Lessee, based on the rental contract and the delivery-receipt report, in working order. The vehicle is handed over clean and washed.

The handover-receipt report shall indicate the condition of the vehicle, each party being able to make such entries as it deems necessary. The existence of any damages, scratches or similar will be expressly specified in the handover-receipt report, otherwise by signing the report, their absence is attested.

The handover time will be entered in the handover-receipt report. In the absence of a mention, it will be considered that the delivery time is 0.00 of the respective day.

Driver's schedule: the maximum driving time is 8 hours / day. If driving for more than 5 hours continuously, the driver must be given a 30-minute break.

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